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Written by Larry Cook

Spring for an Upgrade of Your Electrical Panel – Part 1

Even though an electrical panel keeps several important systems working, homeowners typically don’t pay any attention to it until it becomes defective or incapable of meeting their power requirements.

Spring and summer are coming, along with higher temperatures and air conditioning that will consume lots of electricity. Perhaps this is the best reason the start of spring is a good time to replace an older electrical panel.

Older Electrical Panels

Older electrical panels have an increased chance of failing and turning into a safety hazard. If you have an older home, you should seriously consider upgrading your electrical panel, which is also known as a heavy-up.

Licensed electricians typically advise the replacement of a home’s electric panel every 25 to 40 years. If your home is about this old and its electrical panel has never been replaced, call a licensed electrician and talk about doing an inspection and performing an upgrade.

A house that is several decades old might have had wires added to its circuit breakers. In some cases, dual wires were added to a single circuit breaker, which is described by electricians as “double tapping”. Either wiring approach may have result in hazardous overcrowding inside the breaker box. An environment that is crowded with wires can lead to an arc flash and a deadly electrical fire.

Getting a heavy-up provides a homeowner the chance to think about upgrading other older or obsolete features of their home’s electrical system during the project. For example, newly built bathrooms and kitchens are required to have GFCI outlets installed to meet code because both areas contain sources of water.

Part 2 will cover Symptoms Indicating Upgrade Needed, Increased Power Requirements, Whole-House Surge Protection, Improving Safety, and Raising Resale Value.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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