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Written by Larry Cook

Eight Benefits from Working With Licensed Electrician – Part 1

Many homeowners are unsure if they should hire a licensed electrician for the electrical work done in their home. When it comes to electrical work, ensuring your family’s safety and complying with local regulations are important objectives. You will need a trained and experienced professional to do the job properly. Below will cover eight benefits from working with a licensed electrician.

1) Ensure Home Safety

Licensed electricians have the training, knowledge, and experience to work with electrical safety issues. They must comply with local codes and regulations for residential electrical work. Someone who is unlicensed will not be as skilled. Working with a licensed electrician helps ensure your family is safe and your property is protected.

2) Greater Home Resale Value

Building a new home will require an electrical permit that only a licensed electrician can acquire. This permit must be included in the real estate disclosure when you put your house on sale in the future. A house with additional electrical work performed by a licensed electrician, installing a standby generator for example, will typically be appraised with a higher home resale value.

3) Covered for Unforeseen Events

If an electrician is injured while performing work at your house, who will be responsible for the resulting medical costs? Who will be responsible for damages caused by electrical work at your home? You can minimize your liability for electrical jobs by working with a licensed electrician.

4) Work Done Right the First Time

Many homeowners believe that a circuit breaker that frequently trips is not a serious problem. However, it might indicate that there is a greater chance of an electrical fire. You can be confident that a licensed electrician can diagnose a problem quickly and correctly perform the necessary repairs or upgrades the first time.

Part 2 will cover four more benefits from working with a licensed electrician.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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