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Written by Larry Cook

Electrically Prep Your Home for Winter – Part 2

As covered in Part 1, electrically preparing your home for winter will help ensure your family has power and stays warm during the colder months. Part 2 will discuss three additional ways for electrically preparing your home for winter.

Smoke Detector Testing

In a fire, properly working smoke detectors in your home may make the difference between evacuating your home safely or landing in a hospital. This goes the same for detectors that warn of deadly carbon monoxide.

Sometime this fall, test all of these devices in your home. One or more might require having their battery replaced. Detectors that are over ten years old will need replacement. Our state requires “ALL Maryland residents to have 10-year lithium battery tamper resistant smoke alarms with the silence/hush feature on every level of their home.”

Electrical Outlet Testing

Electrically preparing your home for winter should include testing all your electrical outlets. Checking them will ensure that they provide adequate power and that their wires are properly connected and grounded.

DIY types can test their electrical outlets’ functionality and safety using a multimeter. However, the best way is to have a licensed electrician professionally perform outlet testing during an electrical inspection.

Home Rewiring

After an electrical inspection, a licensed electrician might recommend rewiring areas of your home to improve safety. Defective or worn-out wires can be dangerous and cause a deadly electrical fire. Some of us have 50 years old or older homes and rely on extension cords to supply adequate electricity to certain areas. If this is the case, your home’s electrical system needs rewiring. Using extension cords should only be a temporary fix because it is unsafe.

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