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Written by Larry Cook

The Four Key Types of Lighting for Your Home – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, a home’s rooms and outdoor areas are settings for relaxation, working, socializing, and eating. The lighting configuration should meet the needs of users at each specific location. Part 2 will discuss Ambient Indoor and Ambient Outdoor lighting for your home.

Rely on an experienced and licensed electrician for lighting projects in your home to get the best results and ensure safety.

Ambient Indoor

Ambient or general lighting is meant to provide lighting for the whole room. This type of illumination is intended to be uniform – lighting that will cover the entire space. In addition, it is independent of other kinds of lighting sources.

The chief purpose of ambient indoor lighting is to make sure people can move safely and easily throughout a space. It accomplishes this by providing overall illumination. Ambient light also reflects from walls, increasing its range and effectiveness in corner areas and behind large pieces of furniture.

Below are fixtures that are capable of providing ambient indoor lighting in a home:

• Chandeliers
• Ceiling-mounted fixtures
• Floor lamps
• LED down lights and/or traditional recessed fixtures
• Table lamps
• Track lighting
• Wall-mounted fixtures

Ambient Outdoor

Typically installed to help ensure areas are visible and safe, ambient outdoor lighting also enhances security around a home. Experts highly recommend illuminating the exterior areas of a house, especially entrances and stairways, to decrease the risk of injury to residents and visitors.

Below are fixtures that are capable of providing ambient outdoor lighting in the exterior areas of a home:

• Canopy and garage lights
• Hanging fixtures
• Post lanterns
• Spotlights

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