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Written by Larry Cook

The Four Key Types of Lighting for Your Home – Part 1

The rooms and outdoor areas of your home can serve several purposes. They can be settings for relaxation, working, socializing, or eating. The lighting configuration should meet the needs of your family at each specific location.

Many think that only one light source will cover the lighting needs. However, experts advise that there are four key types of lighting that will be needed in each home. They are Accent, Task, Ambient Indoor, and Ambient Outdoor.

Depend on an experienced and licensed electrician for lighting projects to get the best results and ensure safety.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is utilized primarily for focusing on a smaller area or for attaining an aesthetic effect. This kind of lighting results in the feeling that a space is larger.

Typically, accent lighting is used to point out a special architectural feature, a particular plant, a work of art, such as a painting or sculpture, or a set of objects like pottery.

In order to be effective, accent lighting needs three times more light on a focal point than what ambient illumination will usually deliver.

Below are fixtures that are capable of providing accent lighting in a home:

  • Directional recessed fixture or down lights
  • Extrusion and tape lighting
  • Slim line bar and under cabinet lighting
  • Track lighting
  • Wall-mounted fixtures

Task Lighting

For user tasks, including cooking, reading, drawing, and typing in a specific area, task lighting provides stronger light for a specific area of a room.

To make task lighting more pleasant, it is best to direct illumination away from the user’s eyes and avoid casting dark shadows. In addition, experts recommend the installation of an independent single on/off switch for a task light to make it user-friendly.

Below are fixtures that are capable of providing task lighting in a home:

  • Desk or portable lamps
  • Directional gimbal recessed fixture or down lights
  • Extrusion and tape lights
  • Pendant lighting
  • Slim line bar and under cabinet lights

Part 2 will discuss Ambient Indoor and Ambient Outdoor lighting for your home.

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