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Written by Larry Cook

The Internet of Things Will Make Your Home Smart

Wikipedia defines The Internet of Things (IoT) as “the network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.” How is this applicable to your everyday needs?

This could be your car sending a reminder that it needs servicing after passing 40,000 miles. This could be a wearable ECG monitor sending data about your heart to your doctor. This could be a sensor attached to your cat’s collar that will help you find her if she’s stuck up a tree. All these devices can communicate wirelessly over the Internet with smart phones, and so they are considered to be smart devices.

Home Automation

As applied to houses, the IoT primarily revolves around home automation. What was once done physically and consciously can now be done automatically as you have programmed it. Imagine the lights turning on or off in your living room as you enter or leave.

What about your coffee machine starting its brewing cycle the moment your alarm clock goes off? Your home’s air conditioning can be turned off remotely even though you are sitting in a plane about to take off for a two-week vacation. When a fire alarm goes off both you and the fire department are alerted.

There could be thousands of smart devices available for the home. For those intended to control major appliances and utilities such as water, electricity and gas, a skilled electrician who is an expert regarding the IoT should be consulted to assure safety.


The three main advantages of a using the IoT as opposed to a wired system are summarized below.

Installation costs reduced because cabling is unnecessary in a wireless network.

There is ease of scalability when needs increase or decrease.

Architectural aesthetics are retained because unsightly cables are not utilized.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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