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Written by Larry Cook

Ten Common Electrical Wiring Issues – Part 1

Electrical wiring issues in old homes will sneak up on you, unless you’ve hired an experienced licensed electrician to perform a complete inspection. As the years pass, ordinary daily usage and exposure to the elements will cause deterioration to an electrical system. Hidden problems related to electrical wiring are lurking fire hazards ready to strike at any moment. Below is a list of the first 5 of 10 common electrical wiring issues that an electrician will try to find.

Flickering Lights

When it’s windy outside, lights flicker inside because frayed wires supplying electricity outside sway, causing shorting and arcing, which may cause a fire. In this case, the utility company will have to be contacted to immediately repair this dangerous problem.

Outlet Shortage

There is usually a lack of outlets in older homes because of modern electrical usage. You will have to depend on power strips and extension cords in order to supply all your appliances and electronic devices with electricity. However, this may lead to overloading circuits and electrical fire. Consult with an electrician regarding your home’s electrical needs and discuss installing more outlets.


This is caused by using a light bulb that has a higher wattage than what the fixture is designed to handle safely. Intense heat from the bulb will burn and melt the socket and wire insulation and cause arcing, which results in sparks jumping from wire to wire and perhaps causing a fire.

Exposed Junction Boxes

Uncovered junction boxes will raise the chances of damaged wiring and electrical shock. Purchasing a replacement cover is not expensive and should be done as soon as possible for safety.

GFCIs Absent

Older homes may not use GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets that provide protection from shock and electrocution. They’re usually installed in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors, and swimming pools, areas where there’s the presence of water and a greater risk of fatal electrical shock. To promote safety, have GFCIs installed in these areas.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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