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Written by Larry Cook

Is An Electrical Wiring Upgrade Due?

Not only is much of our country’s power grid obsolete, the electrical wring inside many American homes is also antiquated. They are stretched to the limit and beyond so that they can provide power to an ever-growing number of devices and appliances. Unfortunately, older houses have circuits that were never intended to feed so many mouths at one time.

Box Safety

Nowadays, older fuse boxes are not as common as circuit breaker panels, but they can be just as functional. This is true, unless fuses with higher amperage are used with wiring unable to handle them safely. This is the primary reason wires overheat, causing damage to their protective insulation that may eventually lead to a fire. Once this happens, the whole circuit will have to be rewired to ensure safety.

Old Houses Need Inspection

Wiring problems are the main causes of fire or electrocution hazards. If you’re in the real estate market and fall in love with an older home, get a licensed electrician to inspect its electrical system before buying. The results may affect how much you’ll offer. The electrician will search for wear and tear, corrosion, and for any indication the current owner did anything to compromise safety. An inspection should also be performed if your old house has never had one, and follow-ups should be done every five years.

Grandfathering for Old Houses

This may sound odd, but don’t worry if an electrician finds code violations. Although electrical codes are revised as time passes, wiring installed under previous codes are “grandfathered,” assuming they were installed properly at the time. New electrical codes will be required in areas of the home that are being gut-renovated.

Six Questions

Below are questions to consider regarding a home’s electric wiring upgrade:

  • What is the age of your home and its type of wiring?
  • Is the electrical power available sufficient for your needs?
  • Will your electrical needs change in the near future?
  • Are there any indications of electrical fire hazards?
  • Does your home insurance provide discounts for wiring upgrades?
  • Should structured wiring be added?

Electrical Peace of Mind

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