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Written by Larry Cook

Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical safety inspections should take place for the following reasons:

  • When you are purchasing a new home,
  • When your home is 40 years or older to be sure the wiring is still safe,
  • When you add a new appliance to make sure it is compatible with your home wiring, and
  • When you have done a renovation to your home to be sure that the wiring meets local standards.

Any time you need to have an electrical inspection, it must be conducted by a licensed electrician.

In addition, the home owner can often tell if there is something to be concerned about in the home simply by looking at electrical plugs and wires. Always alert someone if there are  any concerns! Safety first when it comes to electricity. Preventable electrical problems cause many fires each year, so be sure to use the utmost care with electricity and wiring in your home.

Every home has an electrical panel or fuse box that contains fuses or circuit breakers. It is important to know where this is since it is where you turn on and off the power. If you are doing electrical work, this must be shut off. If a fuse blows, you need to replace it. If there is an electrical emergency, this needs to be shut off.

Wet areas, including bathrooms and kitchens, must have ground fault circuit interrupters installed. Additionally, light switches must be several inches away from water to prevent the possibility of electrocution.  Outside outlets also must have ground fault current interruption–GFCIs installed so they can shut off in an emergency. In general, GFCIs must be installed in any area where water could be present so they can automatically shut off the electricity when needed.

Always be aware of your wiring and electrical items to ensure that they are functioning properly and safely.

Whether a home is up for sale or currently occupied, interior outlets, light switches, appliance cords and GFCIs must be routinely tested and visually inspected. Loose outlets must be tightened or replaced and cords must fit snugly. Outlets ought to be visually inspected for black smoke and should feel cool to the touch. A licensed electrician must inspect any humming noises or switching sounds around outlets or lighting.

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