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Written by Larry Cook

Use This Summer for Home Electrical Upgrades – Part 1

Use this summer to enhance your home by completing some important electrical projects. During the past few years, creating convenient and comfortable outdoor living spaces has been growing in popularity.

Professional electrical work performed by a licensed electrician is typically needed for supporting the additional electrical demand of appliances, electronics, and lighting that will upgrade a home’s outdoor areas as summarized below.

Ceiling Fans

Installing accent lighting and ceiling fans will transform your patio and deck into appealing areas during warm summer nights.

Entertainment System

Add more fun to the outdoor areas of your home by installing an entertainment system featuring a big screen TV, stereo, and several speakers. Your family and guests will be able to enjoy concerts and sports while enjoying the nice weather.

Exterior Kitchen

Hosting a barbecue outdoors can create plenty of fun. Building an outdoor kitchen and dining area featuring electronics, lighting, and appliances will raise your outdoor parties to a higher level. Work with an electrician to install the needed dedicated circuits for an outdoor refrigerator and stove.

Exterior Lighting

Create outdoor ambiance by installing accent lighting that highlights your home’s most beautiful architectural features. Well-placed lighting fixtures can illuminate landscaping, trees, and walkways for beauty and safety. Installing lighting allows your family to fully take advantage of patios, decks, gazebos, and pergolas.

Pool Area Lighting

Installing lights in the pool and the surrounding area will help ensure the safety of your family and guests. A safer environment allows guests and family members to have more fun. Creatively deploying a variety of colors can also beautify the atmosphere of the pool area.  

Security System

The installation of a home security system, supported by exterior lighting activated by motion detectors, can help keep your family safe and secure.

Part 2 will discuss summertime electrical upgrades for the indoor areas of your home.

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