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Written by Larry Cook

How to Improve Home Electrical Safety for Summer

An electrical inspection performed by a licensed electrician will check the wiring and electrical connections of your home. It is an essential for every household, ensuring the safety and security of every resident. You should ask for an electrical inspection before purchasing a new home, every 10 years when owning a home, and after every major electrical project.

Summer Inspection

For homeowners who have children, summer is a lot more hectic because they’re off from school. The fact they are spending more time at home is a great reason to ensure their safety by getting an electrical inspection. Kids will increase your home’s demand for electricity when they are on vacation.  

The warmer summer months will also mean more electrical usage for air conditioning and the pool area. Electrical issues often come up during the summer when there is greater consumption of electricity because it puts greater stress on the system.

Electrical Safety Tips for Sumer

Electrical Tools and Outdoor Outlets – Electric tools should never be used in bad weather. They must always be used a safe distance away from water. Power tools should only be plugged into GFCI-equipped outlets, which will significantly prevent shock and electrocution. All your outdoor outlets should be protected by GFCI, and an inspection by a licensed electrician can verify this.

Kids and Water – Constantly remind children in your home not to use their electronic devices and toys near or in the water. If you know kids have been playing in water or in the pool, tell them they must dry off thoroughly first prior to touching anything that is electrical.

Extension Cords and Power Strips – If there is a shortage of outlets, homeowners rely on extension cords and power strips to power all the appliances in that area. Overusing power strips can result in overloading a circuit. Extension cords running across a room are a tripping hazard. Improve safety by having additional outlets installed by a licensed electrician.

Overloaded Circuits – The heat of summer may have you plugging in several small appliances like fans and dehumidifiers to help your home feel cooler. However, doing this excessively may result in an overloaded circuit. Overloading may lead to a circuit breaker tripping. A faulty circuit breaker that fails to trip may lead to overheated wiring and cause a fire.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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