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Written by Larry Cook

Use This Summer for Home Electrical Upgrades – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, use this summer to enhance your home with electrical upgrades. Part 2 will discuss summertime electrical upgrades for the indoors of your home. Utilize a licensed electrician for your family’s safety and the best results.

Ceiling Fans For Cooling

Summer temperatures are continuing to rise. Most people rely on air conditioning to stay cool and comfortable. Homeowners with ceiling fans can set their thermostats at a higher temperature to save money on their utility bills. However, aging ceiling fans gradually become less effective, and they may look worn out or outdated.

Consider upgrading to more powerful fans in each room in the style and color that suits your décor. New fans will deliver a level of comfort that will help make hot summer days more bearable.

Dimmer Installations

Do several areas of your house appear boring and shabby when you come home? Are there places with excessive lighting? Do other areas look too dark? One sure way to have much more lighting control is installing dimmers throughout your home.

Every lighting fixture equipped with a dimmer will become much more versatile. Romantic couples can have the perfect level of ambient lighting for their candlelit dinners. A soak in the tub will feel more soothing when dimming the lights.

More Electrical Outlets

In many older homes, there tends to be a lack of electrical outlets. Some may no longer be working properly or safely. This is why many homeowners turn to using several extension cords and power strips to get enough electricity for those areas. This can result in overloading circuits, which is a serious electrical fire hazard.

Call a licensed electrician to carry out a safety inspection focusing on your home’s electrical requirements. Fixing faulty outlets, installing additional receptacles where needed, and ensuring home areas with water nearby have GFCI-protected outlets can significantly increase the safety of your family.  

Electrical Peace of Mind

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