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Written by Larry Cook

Why It’s Important to Have a Standby Generator This Summer

Hot summer days can be tough to take, especially when the humidity is high. Your home’s air conditioning can make life comfortable indoors, but it can’t run if utility power is cut. The longer the power outage, the more miserable you and your home will be.

A functioning HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is a must throughout the year, and a standby generator will help ensure it will function every day. The following will cover the reasons why it’s important to have a home standby generator installed this summer.

Severe Summer Weather

Even though it’s winter that brings freezing cold, snow, and power outages, summers are also capable of generating severe weather conditions. Maryland has to cope with weather systems roaring in from the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Our state gets hit by tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes, and the bad weather starts around May. Spring and summer often deliver big thunderstorms, heavy rains, strong winds, and the resulting flooding, which may all cut electricity from the utility.

Easier Installation

As power outages can also happen during the warmer months, it makes sense to consider an installation during the summer. Typically, digging will be necessary to install a permanent standby generator. An installation will be made easier in spring and summer than during winter, when the ground will be much harder.

Extended Power Outages

Sometimes a power outage can last several days or even longer because utility crews have to clear fallen branches and trees as well as debris left by a storm. The possibility of extended periods without electricity is what makes having a generator so important in the summertime, especially if a heat wave strikes.

Standby Generator’s Benefits

Your refrigerator will keep working, and food, beverages, and medicine will be preserved. Functioning lights will keep your family and guests safe as they move around at night. Exterior lights that are motion activated will stay powered for security. Disabled or elderly family members who rely on medical and mobility devices will rest assured knowing a standby generator will provide the electricity needed during an emergency.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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