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Written by Larry Cook

Basics of Heated Flooring for Your Luxury Bathroom – Part 1

If you are interested in installing radiant heated flooring for your bathroom, you have come to the right place. Heated flooring is now a standard feature in many bathroom designs. You will wonder why and how you every lived without radiant heated flooring on those bitterly cold winter days. The following will discuss the basics.

Why You Will Love Heated Flooring

Inspired by a winter visit to a Japanese home with heating built underneath the floor, world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright popularized the concept in the U.S. during the first half of the 20th century through his building designs. Over time, radiant floor heating has evolved into cost-effective systems that provide several benefits as summarized below.

  • Consistently comfortable temperature for typically chilly spaces, especially during the morning and evening hours.
  • A warm floor feels great on bare feet, and you will prevent being chilled by cold bathroom tiles during the winter.
  • Enhanced experiences for bathing and showering because the environment will still be warm when you step out of the water.
  • Greater energy-efficiency than forced-air heaters, making bathroom space heaters unnecessary.

How It Functions

The principles of heated flooring apply worldwide. A source of heat is maintained at a certain temperature, which radiates through the floor and into the space above. Homeowners typically choose one of the two common systems discussed below for installation.

  • Electric – Uses electric heating elements that run under the floor. Elements are contained and sealed inside a mat, which resembles an electric blanket. The elements are heated by electrical currents passing through them, attaining the temperature set by a thermostat. Easiest for installing in smaller spaces, electric radiant floor systems may not be the ideal option for large master bathrooms.
  • Hydronic – Instead of electric heating elements, hydronic systems use a complex arrangement of tubing installed beneath the sub-floor. Hot water from a boiler unit is pumped through the tubes, which then radiates heat to the flooring materials above. Most energy-efficient for larger spaces, hydronic systems are the right choice for large master bathrooms.

Radiant floor heating takes some time to attain the desired temperature. The average bathroom can be warmed up in about 20 minutes.

Part 2 will discuss Flooring, Installation Process, and Costs.

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