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Written by Larry Cook

Basics of Heated Flooring for Your Luxury Bathroom – Part 2

Summer is a great time to install radiant flooring heating because your bathroom will be ready for the colder months of the year. Part 2 will discuss Flooring, Installation Process, and Costs.


Since the bathroom floor is the heat source, the flooring material selected will determine how well the heated floors work. Ceramic, natural stone, and porcelain tiles are the best choices. Although natural wood or thin carpet can work, it will take a longer period of time for the heat to be transferred through these materials. In effect, energy-efficiency will be compromised.

Installation Process

For new home constructions, installing a radiant flooring system is termed a “wet floor” installation because it integrated with the foundation.

For a bathroom remodel, it is called a “dry floor” installation. Existing flooring materials must be removed, exposing the surface of the bathroom floor. Depending on its construction, the system will be installed in the existing floor joists or a special sub-floor will be built with grooved plywood to accommodate the system components.

A radiant flooring system will also require a dedicated 20-amp and GFCI protected circuit. A licensed electrician can discuss the details with you.


Installing a heated flooring system for a master bathroom remodel will cost from $2,000 to $5,000. Including the cost in the complete bathroom remodeling budget will affordably add just a few more dollars to the monthly payments for a home improvement loan.

The typical homeowner thinks the additional comfort and energy savings are well worth the cost of installation. In addition, the home’s resale value will rise because radiant floor heating is considered a luxury feature that many millennials and baby boomers desire.

Last Advice

  1. Work with a local licensed electrician who has experience in radiant heated flooring installations.
  2. Choose high-quality heated flooring products with proven reliability that are backed by excellent warranties.
  3. Select flooring materials proven to optimize heating consistency and minimize energy consumption.
  4. Install a programmable thermostat for maintaining the lowest setting that provides the desired warmth consistently and efficiently.
  5. Program the thermostat to set times for activation and deactivation of the radiant heating flooring system to conserve energy.

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