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Written by Stu Kushner

Exciting Landscape Lighting Ideas for Spring 2018 – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, spring has arrived, and you, your family, and guests will be spending more time outdoors in the evenings. This article will discuss exciting landscape lighting ideas for Spring 2018 that will beautify your property with light. Part 2 will discuss Under Lighting, Task Lighting, and Water Lighting. Call a licensed electrician to get the best results for your project. 

Under Lighting

For a contemporary and appealing appearance for landscape lighting, under lighting is gaining traction. The big plus from this modern lighting technique is that it promotes safety when using down lights to illuminate steps or stairs. Another advantage is that an area will not be overwhelmed by too much light, maintaining a romantic or mysterious mood, while allowing guests to move about safely.

Task Lighting

Task lighting that is both appealing and practical is trending for landscape lighting. Areas such as outdoor barbecue grills and patio kitchens are benefitting from this landscape lighting approach. Although this is not a new design idea, there is a new emphasis on creating outdoor living areas, where families and their guests are able to eat, entertain, read, use a tablet or laptop, and watch television.

Water Lighting

The water features of landscaping are being increasingly illuminated from beneath the surface of the water for interesting and attractive colorful effects. Homeowners want the water features of their property to be more strongly featured by using this technique. Lights pointing upwards are being used to illuminate fountains. Accent lighting is also being used to highlight areas where water is falling into a pond that glows from lighting. Waterfalls are lit at points so that the motion of water is artistically captured by different colored lights. Safety is an issue here, and a skilled electrician familiar with NEC code should be used.

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