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Written by Larry Cook

Exciting Landscape Lighting Ideas for Spring 2018 – Part 1

Spring is here, and the weather is gradually getting nicer. You have great landscaping around your home and beautiful gardens in the front and back, and you, your family, and guests will be spending more time outdoors in the evenings. This article will discuss exciting landscape lighting ideas for Spring 2018 that will beautify your property with light. Work with a licensed electrician to get the best results for your project. 

LED Lighting

LED lighting is an ongoing trend for landscaping that began three years ago. Since then there have been advances in its technology that made LED even more popular. In addition to conserving energy, LED light bulbs have service lives that last far longer than non-LED bulbs. Aside from saving money and decreasing maintenance, LED lighting is also available in a variety of color temperatures that suits a range of creative approaches.

Moon Lighting

Moon lighting is a natural-looking lighting approach that simulates the glow of a full moon over landscaping. This technique produces a romantic mood and calm atmosphere, and properly deployed it can be used to accentuate the most attractive features of the landscaping and garden. As a practical benefit, moon lighting can enhance the security of a property. Moon lighting is accomplished by installing fixtures with glare guards that cast illumination downward from approximately 20 feet overhead. Using trees results in a more natural effect from the shadows created by branches.

Porch, Patio & Pathway Lighting

Fixtures that will get high visibility from visitors are trending to the high-end as far as quality and costs. Porch, patio, and pathway lighting are the ones most noticed by guests in outdoor living areas. As a result, homeowners are willing to accept higher prices for these areas in order to impress. An experienced and licensed electrician will be able to advise regarding brands, installation, and safety.

Part 2 will discuss Under Lighting, Task Lighting, and Water Lighting.

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