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Written by Larry Cook

Remodel Your Home With These Important Electrical Upgrades – Part 2

Part 2 will cover more important electrical upgrades during a home remodel.

Smart Home Features

Installing smart home features is a remodeling upgrade that will make living easier. Automation and remote control of home lighting and temperature are becoming common in modern homes.  

Lighting remote control can be a mobile app on your smartphone, even if you are away from home. Users can adjust their thermostats and save energy. This app can remotely activate your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). Lights can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times.

Additional smart home features include remote-controlled blinds, drapes, fire alarms, refrigerators, sensors, video surveillance, and security alarms.

Upgrading Receptacles & Replacing Outlets

As discussed previously, a home remodel may need to upgrade its electrical systems, including receptacles. Utilized by large appliances requiring a large electrical load, specialized containers are built to provide power safely and efficiently.

A lot of older homes typically have an insufficient number of outlets. Some homeowners then depend on power strips and extension cords to provide electricity to specific areas of their houses. Unfortunately, this can compromise safety and raises the possibility of starting an electrical fire. Increase security by working with a licensed electrician to install more outlets during your remodel.

Sufficient Electricity

The electrical use of individual rooms in a home can vary greatly. Your kitchen will use a lot more electricity than a bedroom. It’s important to consider how much more power will be required by new rooms and areas added by your remodel.

Ask a local licensed electrician to evaluate your remodeling project before you proceed electrically. This will help ensure the new additions have sufficient electricity and make your remodel a success.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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