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Written by Larry Cook

Safely Install Your New Entertainment Center

Now the heart of modern homes, entertainment centers typically contain Blu-ray players, game systems, HD televisions, music players, and sound systems. Entertainment will also need an appropriate lighting scheme to have a home theater feel.

The above electrical components can make it harder for some home power systems to supply enough electricity safely. Thus, finding any issues before installing a new entertainment center is crucial. Below will cover three critical electrical considerations.

Balancing the Power Load

If an entertainment center has many electronic components arranged closely together, it will likely need several power strips and surge protectors. High density can result in too many power-hungry electronics plugged into a few outlets.

Ask a licensed electrician to verify your home’s circuits can handle the additional load of a new entertainment center. If it is determined your electrical system won’t be able to cope, proper and safe solutions can address the problem.

Solid Wiring

Hire a licensed electrician to ensure upgraded and new wiring is installed appropriately. Doing it DIY will probably have many cables and speaker wires going out of control and becoming disorganized behind the entertainment center system.

There will probably be instances when wires must be run through difficult locations, such as behind walls and doorways, to connect speakers. A trained and experienced professional can give you a hand in keeping wiring safe and organized.

Overheating Issues

When electronics are bunched together, temperatures can rise in your entertainment center. When constantly hot, expensive components and your home’s electrical system can get damaged.

Fortunately, sufficient ventilation can mitigate the heat generated by each electronic component. A skilled electrician will also ensure cabling and wiring are located an adequate distance from hot areas. Doing so will help make your new entertainment center calmer and safer.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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