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Written by Larry Cook

Why You Should Hire a Licensed Electrician – Part 1

When you need electrical work at home, you might be tempted to do it yourself, thinking you’ll save money. However, electrical projects that are not DIY for the average homeowner may be frustrating and dangerous.

You can ensure your home’s electrical projects are correctly and safely performed by working only with a licensed electrician. A licensed electrician is a trained professional who will carry out electrical tasks up to code.

Below will cover the seven best reasons you should always hire a licensed electrician for your home’s electrical projects.

1) Solid Training and Work Experience

The State of Maryland requires apprentice electricians to log thousands of hours working as a trainee under a licensed electrician’s supervision before obtaining their license.

2) Electrical Safety Knowledge

Performing electrical work can be hazardous. On top of the risk of being shocked by electricity, an electrician can be exposed to dangerous chemicals or fall off a ladder while carrying out a project. The apprenticeship of licensed electricians trains them to correctly maintain safety in the presence of harmful substances and properly operate machinery.  

A modern home’s electrical panel typically provides 200 amps, enough to put someone careless in an ambulance speeding to the hospital. No matter how careful they are about electricity, the typical homeowner is always better off working with a licensed electrician.

3) Obtain Required Inspections and Permits

You may already be aware that some electrical projects will require a time-consuming process of obtaining the proper local inspections and permits. If you work with a licensed electrician, this professional will be responsible for arranging the required checks and obtaining the required permits.

Part 2 will cover four more reasons why you should hire a licensed electrician.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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