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Written by Larry Cook

Why You Should Hire a Licensed Electrician – Part 2

Hiring a reputable licensed electrician can be accomplished in a few ways. Requesting your friends’ recommendations will get you started. Speak to general contractors about the electricians they have professional. Electrical supply businesses and builders’ associations may also give you referrals. Review websites like Angie’s List for the review of highly rated electricians.

Part 2 will cover four more reasons to hire a licensed electrician.

4) Savings of Time and Money

In most cases, working with a licensed electrician will save you both time and money. Attempting to carry out an electrical project as a non-professional will have you losing these resources.

Hiring a professional who is trained and experienced will help make sure electrical work will be performed right the first time and up to code. Working with a licensed electrician will help ensure you won’t have to redo a project because it was improperly performed.

5) Accountable

Each state government, including Maryland’s, has a state board that sets the regulations and rules governing licensed electricians. These state boards are responsible for establishing and enforcing standards for every professional who performs electrical installations in their respective state.

6) Liability Insurance Holder

If a licensed electrician ever gets hurt while working at your home, their general liability insurance will cover the accident. Should your property or belongings get damaged due to electrical work, your loss would be covered under the professional’s policy.

7) Surety Bond Holder

A surety bond document is an agreement that involves three parties. For a licensed electrician, it will be an agreement between an electrician’s company, the surety company, and the oblige, which is typically the state government. A surety bond protects clients from any fraud or misconduct committed by an electrician.

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