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Written by Larry Cook

Why You Should Install a Standby Generator Before Winter – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, installing a standby generator at your house will help prevent dangers and inconveniences that can occur from losing power during the colder months. Part 2 will cover more reasons why you should install a standby generator before winter.

Deter Crime –

Criminals often target dark homes. If you have a standby generator installed, security measures like burglar alarms, motion-activated lights, and outdoor lighting will continue functioning during a power outage.

Home Safety –

No inside lighting will make moving around your home unsafe, especially at night. Picture your loved ones attempting to go down a flight of stairs or trying to enter a bathroom in the dark. Walking on icy, slippery walkways will also be very dangerous without outdoor lighting.

Loss Prevention –

Damages to home belongings and furniture often occur because of a power outage. As previously discussed, a sump pump that loses power will not be able to prevent your basement from flooding. Losing your heating system may result in water freezing in pipes, causing them to burst. A flood can cause thousands of dollars of losses in your home.

Peace of Mind –

Many of us have a family member with a health condition who relies on an electrically powered medical device. You can help ensure their well-being during a power outage by installing a standby generator. This also applies to a disabled loved one who depends on a mobility aid requiring power to move around your home safely. Moreover, wired carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms will continue to function.

Staying Home Saves Cash –

When there is a power outage in freezing temperatures, your home will be both uncomfortable and unsafe. That is unless you have already installed a standby generator that can generate electricity to power your heating system and lighting. Freezing temperatures may force you and your family to stay at a motel and eat out until the utility can restore the power in your area.

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