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Written by Larry Cook

Landscape & Pool Lighting for Atmosphere and Safety

Spring is on its way, and our thoughts are beginning to turn to warm, pleasant days of spring and the hot, sunny days of summer. You have been thinking of upgrading the lighting for the pool and the landscape around it, and early spring is the ideal time to begin the project. Consult an experienced electrical services company in your area for professional work that ensures the safety of your entire family.


In order to create a specific ambiance in and around your pool and the adjacent landscaping, outdoor lighting techniques must be used creatively with technical expertise. Bringing excitement to everyone who visits is the main goal, but the safety and welfare of your guests should also be foremost in the minds of the electrical contractors you hire. They must be very knowledgeable of codes that regulate both lighting and electrical wiring in pool areas.


Proper illumination of walkways and areas is essential for safety. Guests must be able to move on paths, barbeque and dining areas, and pool decks confidently and safely, but the lighting layout must not overwhelm eyes while providing guidance.


The designer you hire to work with the electrical contractor will conceptualize the lighting scheme that creates the mood for the pool area that you are seeking. This may be dramatic, romantic, playful, or a combination of all. In addition, there are now computerized systems that can be controlled via an app on a smartphone or tablet that will let you to choose a particular lighting scheme that will be suitable for a specific occasion.


A variety of wattage, color temperature, and light colors will be available for whatever a homeowner would like to accomplish within a budget that he or she considers affordable. As discussed above, various predetermined mood settings for the pool’s lighting design can be programmed and activated automatically using an application.

From Simple to Complex

Generating a soft yellow light, incandescent lights are best used on hard surfaces like walls and walkways. Providing a white light, LED lights are the ideal choice for showcasing plant and trees. For more sophisticated lighting schemes, the DMX controlled lighting system is a solid, but costly choice. The manufacturer terms their products as “intelligent lighting”, which features variable components that can be controlled remotely live or be preprogrammed. Complex programming can automatically move lights, vary colors, dim, and generate multiple patterns.

Highlighting Features

Generally, highlighting a prominent feature such as a large exotic plant or a water fountain will generate the most effect visually among your guests. Silhouetting will create a mood of mystery. Lighting pointed upwards to illuminate the underside of the canopy of trees is especially striking. It provides appealing ambient lighting that is tastefully understated, especially for dinner parties in the pool area.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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