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Written by Larry Cook

Summer’s Common Home Electrical Problems

There are several common electrical problems that frequently happen in your home during the summer. It’s fortunate you can take steps to prevent them or be prepared in case they occur with the help of a licensed electrician. Below covers the most common electrical issues of summer.


Greater Electrical Usage


Summer usually requires your air conditioning, exterior lighting, pool pumps, appliances, and electronics all being used simultaneously. Older homes may not be prepared or safe enough to cope with these modern electrical demands. An overloaded electrical system may lead to a fire. Prioritize safety by hiring a licensed electrician to do a safety inspection.


Heavy-Up (Electrical Panel Upgrade)


After performing a safety inspection, a licensed electrician may recommend performing a heavy-up, which will upgrade the electrical panel of your home. Obsolete or worn-out wiring may also need replacement as part of the project. Both steps let your home handle more power safely, reducing the chance of your electrical system overloading and causing a fire.  


Atlantic Hurricane Season


The Mid-Atlantic region can suffer from the effects of severe weather events. During hurricane season, flooding, heavy rains, high winds, and lightning strikes often occur. The electrical lines of your utility can be pulled down, leading to long power outages. Fortunately, there are a couple of methods below for preparing your house for hurricane season while protecting your family.


Home Standby Generator – In contrast to a portable generator, a home standby generator can provide most of your electrical needs when utility electricity is cut. An emergency standby generator automatically activates in seconds after loss of utility power, and your air conditioner, lighting, refrigerator, and security system continue running on electricity.


Whole Home Surge Protection – A major power surge can cause serious damage to your home’s electrical system and expensive appliances inside. Over time, even micro power surges can degrade electronics. Call a licensed electrician to discuss the installation of a surge suppressor, which will provide protection by making sure sudden and dangerous electrical surges are safely grounded.


Electrical Peace of Mind


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