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Written by Larry Cook

Great Reasons for Installing a Standby Generator in Summer – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, we cherish our home and family and do our best to be prepared when a natural disaster strikes. During the summer, severe weather events occur quite often in Maryland. Part 2 will cover Readiness for Emergencies and Installation by Professionals.


Readiness for Emergencies


Emergency readiness involves creating a plan and preparing an emergency kit, so you and your family will be prepared for a man-made or natural disaster. Planning should include being ready for utility power outages. As you probably know, outages can result from local utilities doing maintenance or their equipment failing. What should also be considered is that losing utility power is frequently caused by severe weather events.


Maryland undergoes severe thunderstorms every summer, which usually happen during the afternoon and evening, but can happen any time of the year and time of day. Far different from winter storms and hurricanes, thunderstorms affect areas that are smaller, but they can still be hazardous.


Every thunderstorm results in lightning strikes, which kill more people than tornadoes. Flash floods, hail, winds in excess of 58 miles per hour, along with tornadoes, can be caused by severe thunderstorms. They come so suddenly, a thunderstorm can cause property damage and power outages without warning.


Keeping your family comfortable and safe, a standby generator permanently installed at your house will provide power during utility outages to the following important items:


  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit
  • Lighting and electrical circuits
  • Major appliances like electric stoves, microwaves and refrigerators
  • Home security systems
  • Sump and well pumps


Installation by Professionals


When you make the decision to install a standby generator, the initial step is talking to a reputable licensed electrician with extensive experience in installing home units. A professional will give you advice at each stage, starting with correctly choosing a generator and then its installation. Properly performed, an installation will provide the electricity your family will need during utility outages and comply with local code and safety regulations.


Electrical Peace of Mind


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