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Written by Larry Cook

The Top Five Qualities of a Licensed Electrician

Electricians perform a variety of tasks, from a wiring installation in a new house to repairing or replacing an outdated electrical system in an older one. You may be thinking about hiring one and wanting to ensure the candidates are properly trained and licensed. The following will cover the top five qualities of a licensed electrician.

1) Accuracy in Problem Solving

An electrician deals with both simple and complicated problems that need to be solved accurately on the spot. There will be projects that require only one electrician, and this professional will have to be resourceful and independent when addressing issues. The ability to think critically when assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each solution available is a critical requirement.

2) Detail Oriented

A licensed electrician needs to pay attention to detail and know best practices. Both will allow a professional to safely perform tasks and ensure a project complies with code. In addition, a licensed electrician must have a complete understanding of current local code regulations and best practices to ensure customers stay safe many years after a project is finished. 

3) Efficient Time Management

Finishing assignments on time is a skill that an electrician must master. When an electrician has to work in a team, this quality becomes even more important. Homeowners are dependent on accurate estimates of labor costs and equipment required to complete a job. Getting references will help you evaluate an electrician’s time management skills.

4) Great Communication Skills

An electrician works with a great variety of individuals, including homeowners, estimators, building contractors, and project managers. A professional’s communication skills have to be strong to work effectively with other clients, contractors, and co-workers. 

5) High Reliability

Being highly reliable is a quality every electrician must-have. Homeowners should only work with an electrician who will show up on time and whose work is of excellent quality. The online reviews from trusted reviewing websites will provide comments from previous customers regarding the dependability of local electricians.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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