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Written by Larry Cook

Best Reasons for Installing a Home Standby Generator Now – Part 1

If you are not prepared for a power outage, it may cause various problems for you and your family. Your food and drinks may deteriorate. It is difficult for everyone to move safely around the house in the dark. If it is winter, you won’t have heating. In summer, you will lose air conditioning. Investing in home backup generators will help prevent all of these problems from happening


Home Standby Generator


When power from the utility fails, the household backup generator will automatically turn on as it’s typically powered by propane or natural gas. You should work with an experienced licensed electrician in your area to ensure that you purchase a generator suitable for your home. The following will discuss the best reasons for installing a home standby generator now.


Best Reasons


1) Weather Can Be Severe – Most power outages are caused by bad weather conditions. According to research, extreme weather events are increasing, making your home more likely to experience a power outage lasting 24 hours or more.


2) You May be Relying On Well Water – If the power goes out, the well pump and filtration system will no longer be able to provide your family with fresh, clean water for drinking, bathing, and watering gardens and houseplants.


3) Your Home Requires Running a Sump Pump – If your home requires running a sump pump to keep crawl spaces or basements dry, you know very well that power outages can cause flooding. Water can damage the lower structure of your home, along with stored items, causing monetary losses.


Part 2 will give you five more reasons for installing a home standby generator now.


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