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Written by Larry Cook

Best Reasons for Installing a Home Standby Generator Now – Part 2

As covered in Part 1, installing a home standby generator will prevent problems caused by a power outage from occurring. Part 2 will give you five more reasons for installing a home standby generator now.


Five More Reasons


4) Home Office/Business – For people who work from home, long-term power outages can lead to a loss of income. Working from home has become more common due to the pandemic. If you cannot provide services or goods on time, you may lose clients or customers permanently.


5) Food, Beverages & Medicine Spoiling – According to FDA recommendations, all perishable foods and beverages should be thrown away after the refrigerator has been turned off for four hours. Certain types of medications also require refrigeration. A home backup generator will avoid this waste, expense, and the inconvenience of having to replace those damaged items.


6) Severe Weather Events – States such as Maryland on the Atlantic coast are more likely to experience power outages due to severe weather events such as hurricanes and heavy snowstorms. A backup generator will prepare your home for severe weather.


7) Vacant Home and Property for Long Periods – If your family travels frequently or spends winter or other seasons in another state, having a backup generator will automatically protect your empty house during a power outage by supplying power to its security system and sump pump.


8) Dependence on Medical & Mobility Devices – If someone in your family needs electronic medical equipment to stay healthy, then a home backup generator will be essential. People with disabilities who rely on electric wheelchairs need a power source to keep the batteries charged. You may also have an electric lift in your home that can help people with disabilities move from higher floors to lower floors.


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