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Written by Larry Cook

Does Your Business Need an Electrical Upgrade Now? – Part 1

As discussed in Part 1, an electrical panel upgrade for your commercial building is needed if your electrical system can no longer meet the demands of your business or safety standards. Part 2 will discuss Signs an Upgrade is Necessary, Safety Concerns, and Planning Upgrade.

Signs an Upgrade is Necessary

Older electrical panels have the potential of creating several issues in the facility of your company. Below are the signs an upgrade may be necessary.

• Lights flickering and going out
• Constantly tripping breakers
• Fuses frequently blowing
• Electrical wires melted
• Machines turning themselves off
• Crackling sounds coming from the electrical panel
• Rust or corrosion on the breakers or panel
• Electrical service conductors overheating

The above may result in deadly hazards to personnel at your facility, such as electrical shock, electrocution or fire.

Safety Concerns

If a circuit breaker is faulty and fails to trip, it can overheat and start a deadly fire. An older building may still be using a fuse block or a split bus panel without a main breaker. This equipment is quite outdated and may also result in electrical shock or fire.

Upon performing a safety inspection of your commercial building, your insurance company may require an electrical panel upgrade. Your insurance rates may be set higher or eventually there may be a cancellation of the policy if you do not comply. 

Planning Upgrade

The installation of a new commercial electrical panel requires experience and expertise, and only a licensed electrician should be hired to do the job for your building. This professional should make sure of the following:

• Proper planning of the new electrical system, including schematics
• Using the correct size service panel to meet electrical demands of business
• Local planning permits and approvals secured
• Wiring to current local and federal codes
• If necessary, a new power supply or meter to be supplied by the electrical utility prior to installation
• Faulty wiring repaired and replaced to code where required and necessary
• Use of only proper and safe materials during installation

Electrical Peace of Mind

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