Written by Larry Cook

Why Your Home Needs a New Electric Panel – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, an electrical panel upgrade may be the solution for homeowners having problems with their electric systems or appliances.

Part 2 will discuss Electrical Odors, Fuse Box, Overusing Power Strips, Tripping Breakers, and Warm Electrical Panels.

Call a reputable licensed electrician near you to get the best results and to keep your family safe.

Electrical Odors

Do not ignore electrical burning odors coming from your home’s electrical panel. This could indicate there is a faulty circuit breaker or improperly connected wiring. In either case, there may be serious potential for an electrical fire.

Fuse Box

Homes that still have a dated panel equipped with fuses were typically built before 1960. If this is the case for your house, electricians recommend that you install an electrical panel with circuit breakers. As you probably know, fuses that blow require replacement. In contrast, circuit breakers merely need an easy flip of the switch to be reset.

Overusing Power Strips

Homes that have numerous extension cords and power strips because there aren’t enough wall outlets are less safe. Adding wall outlets in all the areas where a home needs them may require upgrading the existing electrical panel to handle the greater demand for power.

Tripping Breakers

An electrical panel that crackles or has circuit breakers that trip often may require replacement. Tripping sometimes occurs when too many appliances are plugged into a circuit that cannot handle their electrical demands. As a safety measure, power is cut off to prevent the overheating of wires. A new electrical panel may be needed to handle the existing load.

Warm Electrical Panels

A serious warning sign is if the electrical panel feels warm to the touch. It may indicate overloading is occurring, a faulty panel, or an improper installment. Any of these three may require an upgrade.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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