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Written by Larry Cook

Great Reasons for Installing a Standby Generator by Fall

Installing a standby generator ensures you and your home will be prepared for severe winter weather that can cut power. Autumn gives you a window of time to perform the installation before freezing temperatures make the ground difficult to excavate for the generator’s foundation. The following will discuss four great reasons for installing a standby generator by fall.

Automatic Activation

Ordinary people would struggle if they had to turn on a standby generator during a snow storm or in the middle of the night without power. You would have to do this if you had a portable generator. A permanently installed residential standby generator will be directly wired into the electrical panel by a licensed electrician. It will automatically activate the moment electricity from the utility is cut off.

Communications Maintained

Your cell phone and most home phones rely on power to keep running. Although their rechargeable batteries may have been fully charged when power is lost, they will eventually run down, and you won’t be able to communicate in the event of an emergency. A standby generator will keep your communications devices running, and you can call first responders if necessary.

Life’s Essentials Get Power

Every homeowner who can afford a standby generator should strongly consider having one installed, especially in a region that experiences severe weather like hurricanes or blizzards. Life’s essentials like lighting, refrigeration, heating, ventilation, and cooling will continue to run with a standby generator even if you lose utility power. Your family can continue living normally, and you won’t have to evacuate and pay for a hotel.

Visibility and Security

When there is a power outage, homes without emergency power will go dark, and their security will be compromised. It becomes more dangerous for residents when electricity is lost for long periods. A residential standby generator will keep the lights on both inside and outside your home. Regular lighting in the interior will let potential intruders know that someone is home. Motion activated lighting outside will help keep burglars at bay during nighttime.

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