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Written by Larry Cook

Three Wiring Issues to Check Before Winter

Winter is on it’s way and this season’s weather has the potential for bringing electrical problems. The colder months are more dangerous in terms of electrical fires because of the use of space heaters and a spike in the number of electrical devices being utilized. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask a licensed electrician to perform a safety inspection and check the three wiring issues below before winter arrives.

Exterior Wiring

If your home has electrical wires outside, an electrician should inspect and ensure that they are in good shape before being subjected to the ice and snow of winter. Wintry weather can result in seriously damaged exterior wires, resulting in damage and/or an electrical outage inside your home.

Fraying Wires

Fraying wires can pose serious problems for a home’s electrical system and safety at any time of the year. It’s especially wise to have a house’s wiring checked before the temperatures fall. You should also inspect the wiring of appliances, including space heaters that heat certain areas of the house.

Left neglected, frayed wires can pose a serious fire hazard to a home and its residents. A single faulty wire can create an electrical spark that could start a fire that can consume an entire house. Inspecting the wiring of a home should be left to a professional – a licensed and experienced electrician.

Overloading Circuits

An additional aspect of winter that should be considered is the significant additional electrical load resulting from turning on holiday lights and decorations. Although your home looks spectacular from the twinkling of many colorful lights, this can lead to the overloading of circuits, which can be a serious fire hazard.

Make sure your home’s electrical system can safely handle the extra demand of holiday lighting before proceeding with this kind of decoration. Consult with the electrician performing the pre-winter safety inspection to make sure your home and loved ones will be safe.

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