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Written by Larry Cook

Top 10 Home Electrical Projects of Summer – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, summer is the best season to accomplish electrical projects that will increase your family’s quality of life. The indoor projects will make life cooler and more pleasant. The outdoor projects will make the improved areas safer and more fun. Part 2 will cover the outdoor items for the Top 10 Home Electrical Projects of Summer. 

5) Entertainment System

There are lots of sports on TV during the summer, and you’ll want to catch your favorite teams even while you are out on the deck or porch. Installing an entertainment system that let’s you watch a big game or listen to music will make your family’s summers more enjoyable.

6) Hot Tub & Pool

Adding a spa or hot tub will make summers more relaxing. Make your pool area safer and enhance its mood by installing lighting. Pool parties will be more fun for kids and adults alike.

7) Landscape Lighting

A homeowner may have a spectacular garden and beautiful landscaping, but you would never know it at night without lighting that beautifies the exterior of your property. The outdoor areas will also be safer for visitors to move about, and security will be improved with greater visibility.

8) Outdoor Kitchen

What is a 4th of July without a barbecue? Being able to cook outdoors will make your summer parties a lot more fun. Installing an outdoor kitchen means just that. You will need a stove, refrigerator, other appliances, and dedicated circuits.

9) Porch LED Lighting & Ceiling Fan

The traditional porch had places for people to sit, hot incandescent bulbs for light, and hand fans to circulate air. Modern porches of the 21st century have energy-efficient LED lighting and a ceiling fan, making hot summer nights cooler and pleasant.

10) Security Enhancements

The security for a home’s outdoor areas can be greatly improved by installing a home security system and motion detectors that automatically trigger lights.

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