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Written by Larry Cook

Top 10 Home Electrical Projects of Summer – Part 1

Summer is the best time of year to accomplish the electrical projects that will increase your family’s quality of life. Warm weather and longer days make them easier to do. The indoor projects will make life cooler and more pleasant. The outdoor projects will make the improved areas safer and more fun. Below are the Top 10 Home Electrical Projects of Summer. Part 1 will cover the indoor items. 

1) Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans improve air circulation, cool specific areas, and decrease air conditioning usage, lowering utility bills. As they come in many different styles, a ceiling fan can also add a decorative flair of your choice to your home. You may not know that ceiling fans can help warm a house during the winter. They can be set to run in reverse to circulate heated air upwards.

2) Bathroom & Kitchen Lighting

When you welcome guests inside for the evening, your lighting is probably the very first thing that they notice. If you want a fresh new contemporary look for your home, replacing dated light fixtures with modern designs is a good way to go.

3) Dimmer Switches

Although they are quite basic in technology, installing a dimmer switch in a room will allow you to transform its mood instantly. You may want to lower the brightness of a room’s lighting for a more romantic atmosphere or to promote relaxation. When you have to get work done, you can raise the brightness so you can better focus.

4) Recessed Lighting

If you want to quickly make a room look modern, consider installing recessed ceiling lighting. It is not a complex project, and recessed lights are an immediate solution for rooms that are darker than what you would like. Just a few can transform the mood and atmosphere of any living space.

Part 2 will cover the outdoors for the Top 10 Home Electrical Projects of Summer.

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