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Written by Larry Cook

Home Electrical Safety Tips for Fall – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, fall is a good time to schedule an electrical safety inspection to help ensure the safety of your home before the holiday season when the risk of electrical fire is greatest. Licensed electricians will inspect your house and perform electrical repairs wherever they find something unsafe or not up to code. After the inspection and repairs, you and your family will have electrical peace of mind. Part 2 will discuss four more tips for electrical safety for your indoor and outdoor areas this fall.

Lighting Wattage

Rated for specific wattage, a light fixture that uses bulbs that exceed that wattage can result in a wiring overload, and a resulting electrical fire in your home. A fixture’s rating is based on the maximum heat that the fixture can handle before suffering damage through overheating wires.

Outdoor Power Tools

Homeowners who use outdoor power tools during the fall should exercise extreme caution. With leaves and debris lying on the ground, damaged or frayed electrical cords may start a fire. Check all of your outdoor power tools before using them to verify that the electrical cords are in good shape.

Outlets & Switches

If an outlet or switch in your home feels hot to the touch, then an electrician should be contacted immediately. Circuits or fuses blowing frequently require the same attention from a professional right away.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Maryland’s Smoke Alarm Law will become effective on New Year’s Day 2018 so it makes sense to take the opportunity this autumn to have your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors tested and upgraded to comply with regulations. The law calls for the replacement of 9-volt battery-only powered smoke alarms with smoke alarms that are sealed and powered by 10-year service life batteries with a silence or hush feature.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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