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Written by Larry Cook

Spring Electrical Services for Piers and Marinas

Now that spring is here, boaters will be spending more time out on the water. If you own or manage a pier or marina, it’s good idea to get your facilities in shape electrically before things get even busier during the crush of summer. As safety is paramount whenever electricity is near water, you will need highly-trained and certified electricians who are knowledgeable about National Electrical Code standards and whose work is of the highest standard of quality. The following discusses the electrical services that you may need for your facility.

Lighting Upgrades

If you have a marina or pier that is beautifully built, one way to make it shine at night is LED lighting. This dramatic type of lighting highlights the most notable features and conceals portions that may not be appealing. Visibility is essential so lights must allow people and boats to safely maneuver to and from your area. In addition, a standard feature for a sound lighting plan is security lighting, which helps prevent criminal activity. LED lights consume less electricity and have a longer lifespan than traditional light bulbs, saving money. Good electrical workmanship will entail weatherproofing and concealing conduits and wiring whenever practical.

Typical Services

Other services electricians offer for piers and marinas are the beach and sea wall lighting, and pier panels. Electrical services companies also maintain the lighting and related components for year-round safety and security. Electricians must also be knowledgeable about marine electrical equipment that must be durable enough to withstand exposure to the elements.


Due to the hazard of electricity being near water, the troubleshooting of electrical systems at pier and marinas should only be handled by professional electricians. Consult with a reputable electrical services company to handle all repairs to ensure the safety of all. Regular inspections of your boating facility will help make sure its electrical system is safe by meeting code requirements.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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