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Written by Larry Cook

Typical Issues Affecting Electrical Control Panels

The heart and brain of your home’s electrical system is the electrical control panel. As the connection to the utility power line, it distributes current to each circuit that runs throughout a house. The panel also houses circuit breakers, the safety devices that protect circuits from overloading and other dangers.

Older homes may still have obsolete fuse-type panels which provide 60 amps of power, which were succeeded by standard circuit breaker-type panels of 100 amps. Currently panels of 200 amps are installed in new construction projects and upgrades.

Although simple in design, an electrical control panel can be affected by problems, such as improper installation, the elements, and aging. In any event, every issue should be inspected and repaired by a licensed electrician. The following summarizes instances when an electrical control panel may need repair or replacement.

Faulty Service Cables

The utility company is responsible for cables running from the power pole to a house’s structural mount. The group of cables running from the mount to the electrical panel, which are service entrance cables, is the homeowner’s responsibility. Issues that may be found are faulty insulation, detached cables, and defective or missing anchors or clamps where the service entrance cables are attached to the meter or service panel.

Improper Wiring

Typical hazards are oversized circuit breakers, like a 20-amp breaker used on a 10-amp circuit, two circuits installed on a single-pole breaker to conserve space, two single circuits supplied by double-pole breakers, and crisscrossed wires spanning the center of a panel.

Manufacturing Defects

Defective electrical control panels have featured faulty or fragile circuit breakers. In addition, unusual designs have often led to improper installations. Such defective products may be on a list of products that require replacement.

Water Damage

Water near electricity is a lethal combination. Should water ever come near your electrical panel, immediately call an electrician for assistance. Signs of water or excessive moisture within a panel might be indicated by rust stains or white corrosion on wires and metal components.

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