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Written by Larry Cook

Why You Electrician for Pool Wiring Need a Master

If you are installing, improving or repairing a pool, working with a reputable and licensed master electrician will assure you both of excellent workmanship and safety. In order to pass regulations, a professional who is knowledgeable in electrical codes will be needed. Below are the best reasons why you need a licensed master electrician for pool wiring.

Safety is Number One

Accidents involving electrocution will be much more likely if a professional is not hired to wire a pool. For example, safe grounding needs to be done properly. Wiring that is exposed could result in electrocution that causes serious injury or death. A pool lighting fixture wired improperly is a serious electrical hazard because if water encountered the electrical power for the bulb, a fatality may occur. In addition, a pool that is not GFCI protected is also dangerous. Licensed electricians are familiar with safety protocols as set forth by National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for pools.

Correct Component Installation & Coordination

A pool’s electrical system is composed of several electrical components that need to be installed properly and coordinated to work together. Experienced electricians know and understand how each of these parts work individually and with the others. A pool’s main electrical components include the pump, heater, GFCI outlets, lighting, cover, and sub-panel. An experienced professional will install and coordinate all these electrical components correctly, ensuring their functionality and efficiency.

Cost & Time Savings

An electrician who has significant pool experience will work much more efficiently than an apprentice or amateur. Working with someone who is inexperienced and unprofessional will make it more likely that the workmanship will be of low quality and unsafe, forcing the pool owner to redo an entire project. Obviously, this would waste both money and time. A licensed master electrician will almost always perform the job properly the very first time.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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