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Written by Larry Cook

Why a Winter Electrical Home Inspection is Important

During the holidays, both kids and adults will be unwrapping presents and receiving all sorts of new devices to plug in and try out. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) found that the significant growth in the number of electrical products and their usage in winter increase the likelihood of electrical fires, injuries, and deaths. Winter has more occurrences of home fires than any other season, so it’s critical to make sure your family is safe during the holidays with an electrical home inspection if one is overdue.

ESFI General Recommendations for Electrical Home Inspections

For this type of inspection, a licensed electrician comprehensively examines a home’s electrical system to ensure that all its components, as well as appliances, comply with the safety standards of the National Electrical Code (NEC). If any of the below apply, the ESFI recommends an inspection.

  • Prior to buying a home.
  • If a home is 40 years or older.
  • After installing a major appliance.
  • During and after a home renovation or remodel.

It may be the case that an inspection was not performed when appropriate, so one should be done now for the homeowner’s peace of mind. The following itemizes general electrical issues that will concern an electrician.

  • Degradation of electrical wiring and components
  • Electrical mistakes of contractors and past homeowners
  • Energy conservation and cost reduction
  • Insurance risk assessment
  • Obsolete and unsafe wiring
  • Oversized fuses or breakers that are fire hazards
  • Safe operation of electrical components

The following itemizes the tasks an electrician performs during the inspection.

  • Check safety and security lighting.
  • Check operation and condition of switches and wall outlets.
  • Confirm grounding systems.
  • Confirm proper surge protection.
  • Examine outdoor electrical systems.
  • Find shock or electrocution hazards.
  • Inspect electrical panel for proper operation, amps, and labels.
  • Test carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Test smoke detectors.
  • Verify correct light bulb wattage.
  • Verify proper operation of AFCIs (arc fault circuit interrupters).
  • Verify required installations of smoke detectors.

After the completion of an electrical home inspection, the electrician will typically give the homeowner a checklist that provides details regarding items requiring critical attention, improvement recommendations, and potential upgrades.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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