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Written by Larry Cook

ESFI’s Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) is the most respected non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to promoting electrical safety at home and in the workplace. Their studies have found that the sales of electrical devices jump markedly during December. This significant growth in the number of electrical products, along with the cooler temperatures in much of the nation, increases the probability of electrical fires, injuries, and deaths.

Winter has more incidents of home fires than any other season. In the USA, the number two cause of fire is heating equipment, and greater than 65,000 home fires are attributable to this hazard annually. Such fires are responsible for thousands of injuries, hundreds of deaths, and property damage in the millions of dollars.

Due to power outages caused by winter storms, portable electrical generator use grows significantly during this season. The Consumer Product Safety Commission found that half of carbon monoxide deaths from November to February are caused by portable generators. Moreover, inclement winter weather may also result in deadly electrical dangers like fallen power lines and floods.

Complying with the instructions of the manufacturers of electrical devices is essential in the prevention of injuries and deaths all year long. It is advisable to use ESFI’s Holiday Safety Resources to ensure the avoidance of dangers during this period of the year. The following links offer the foundation’s safety reminders and tips for the holiday season.

Winter Safety

Holiday Safety – Read ESFI’s safety recommendations during the festive season.

Space Heater Safety – As previously mentioned, more than 65,000 home fires are caused by space heaters every year. Find out how to use one safely.

Heating Pads and Electric Blankets Safety – Causing almost 500 home fires annually, heating pads and electric blankets must be used with care.

Carbon Monoxide Safety  – The highest risk period for CO poisoning deaths is during winter. Every year more than 200 people perish due to CO poisoning. Study the critical safety tips to protect your family.

Consult with a licensed electrician regarding a safety inspection to help make your home safer during the winter months.

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