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Written by Larry Cook

How to Prevent Electrical Problems in Winter

Now that winter is coming, today is the perfect day to inspect your home’s electrical installations and prevent problems. Ensuring your home’s electrical wiring and that devices have proper maintenance is more critical during winter because power loss or an electrical fire are even more dangerous. People are more likely to be indoors during this season. The following are four important tips to consider in the winter months.


In lots of older homes, electrical wiring may have deteriorated without the knowledge of the homeowner. Compounding this problem is the increasing amount of electronic devices, which require more power. However, decades-old electrical circuits were not intended to cope with this growing demand. An older electrical system can be easily overloaded by utilizing power strips at several sockets. A licensed electrician can Improve safety and increase energy efficiency by adding extra sockets.

Electrical Devices

Electrical devices that see use mostly during the winter require extra attention when they are taken out of storage to be used again after several months. Beware of electric blankets that are worn and old because they pose a fire hazard. Inspect them before using and throw out any that have frayed edges. Another major fire risk is space heaters, and December and January are the most dangerous months. An extension cord should never be used on one. During the holiday season, festive lights are a common fire hazard. An estimated 390 fires are caused by Christmas trees or festival lighting annually. It is advisable to inspect them for frayed wiring or danger signs before using.

Electrical Safety Equipment

It is advisable that a home’s circuit breaker be inspected regularly by licensed electricians, especially before winter. A circuit breaker that was properly installed and maintained regularly is one of the most important methods to prevent electrical shocks and fires and electric shocks. Smoke alarms are another critical electrical safety measure, and they should be installed on every floor. It is recommended to use hardwired detectors, which use batteries as a backup power supply. Finally, the installation of surge protectors is recommended to protect computers and other electronic equipment.

Licensed  Electricians

If you have any doubts or concerns about your home’s wiring before the winter, it is best to consult with an experienced licensed electrician. They will be able to inspect, pinpoint, and repair any electrical problem. They will also be able to perform new installations of electrical equipment or upgrade a home’s electrical system.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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