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Written by Larry Cook

Hot Tub Health Benefits and Installation

Installing a hot tub in your home will bring you and your family hours of relaxation and a great way to spend more time together. You may not be aware that there are several health benefits that result from soaking in a hot tub. This article will briefly discuss these benefits and conclude with a brief overview of hot tub installation and electrical requirements.

Anxiety & Stress Reduction

Research has found that the combination of heated water, jet massage, and sensation of weightlessness can reduce anxiety and stress.

Blood Pressure & Sugar Level Reduction

Although blood pressure increases initially, your body’s higher temperature will eventually dilate cells, decreasing blood pressure. A research study found people with type 2 diabetes who spent 30 minutes daily in a hot tub for three weeks averaged decreases in blood glucose levels from 182 mg/dl to 159 mg/dl.

Chronic Migraine Reduction

Migraine sufferers experience tension headaches just prior to a migraine. While sitting in a hot tub, your body’s muscles are not contracted. Aches and pains subside, and there is an overall feeling of relaxation, reducing the possibility of the occurrence of a migraine caused by tension.

Healthier Skin

The increase of your body’s circulation while relaxing in the hot tub will improve your bloodstream’s delivery of revitalizing oxygen and nutrients to your skin, resulting in giving your skin a healthier appearance.

Pain Reduction

Due to buoyancy provided by the bubbles generated by the jets of a hot tub, you will feel weightless. In concert with heated water, sitting in a hot tub will increase blood circulation, relaxing muscles and reducing inflammation of sensitive joints.

Sleep Improvement

It is harder to become drowsy if your body is uncomfortably cold. After spending time in a hot tub, your body will be comfortably warm, allowing you to fall asleep faster and rest for the whole night.


Entrust the installation of your hut tub only to licensed professional electricians who have significant experience. This will ensure the safety of you and your and avoid expensive future repairs from faulty work or improperly chosen parts and components.

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