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How to Keep Your Office Electrically Safe – Part 1

When you compare them to industrial environments, typical offices are thought to be low-risk areas as far as electrical dangers. Although this has some credence, electrical hazards still remain. That’s why safety measures must still be carried out by the staff, and regular electrical inspections must be performed by licensed electricians. 

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Updating an Older Home’s Electrical System – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, the increasing number of appliances and devices often overload the electrical systems of older houses, condominiums, and apartment buildings. This can lead to several problems that could have been prevented by updating their electrical panel and wiring. Part 2 will cover Update Symptoms, Upgrade Benefits, and Electrical Fires.

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Key Changes to the 2017 NEC Code – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, the new edition of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70), places more emphasis on new technologies and worker safety.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) undergoes revision and expansion every three years. The NFPA received more than four thousand public suggestions, resulting in 1,235 first revisions.

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Electrical Commercial Installation Services for Businesses

Electrical problems hurt the bottom line of every business. Each interruption in workflow will slow a company’s revenue stream. It is critical for an organization to select a reputable commercial electrical service that is experienced in meeting the needs of businesses. In addition, their work should be known for high quality, which ensures reliability, durability, and continuity.

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Selecting an Electrical Contractor for Your Office

Selecting the right electrical contractor is critical for the success of your office project. You must find an electrical services company that is expert, experienced, reputable, and reliable. The following is a basic guide that will help you succeed in your search.

Requirements & Deadlines

When you are interviewing an electrical contractor, discuss details of the project. Will it be a new office? Alternatively, will it be a renovation? What is the size of the project – a suite, floor, or a whole building? Seek out companies that have experience and skills in the specific type of project your company will be undertaking.

Discuss your company’s timelines for the project. Experienced electrical contractors may be able to complete projects in less time than those that are inexperienced. Will they be able to meet the deadlines required by your company’s needs?

Coverage & References

Request the electrical contractor for his or her company’s certificate of insurance for worker’s compensation and general liability. The insurance coverage should be adequate for your company’s project.

Ask for and check references. A reputable electrical services company will be able to provide references and testimonials from previous clients. Aside from discussing general topics such as communication, reliability, and quality of work, ask questions regarding the contractor’s performance that are pertinent to the demands of your office project.

Estimate & Proposal

Request an estimate, preferably free, from each electrical contractor you are considering. They will often use set T&M rates (time and material rates), which helps calculate the cost of labor based on time spent and the cost of materials for the whole project. The estimate will include the time required to purchase and transport materials to an office building. Carefully examine each estimate for accuracy and completeness.

For the next step, the contractor selected will present a proposal in the form of an agreement confirming your company’s consent regarding the estimated cost of the project, timelines, and other terms prior to the commencement of work. This contract will also allow your firm to budget for the project’s expenditures. Any revision or overrun will need prior discussion and approval by both parties before being carried out.

Electrical Peace of Mind

Providing professional electricians since 1988 in Maryland, Cook Electric is the company you can rely on for all your electrical service needs, including:

  • Commercial & Residential Electrical Installations
  • Marina & Residential Pier Wiring
  • Electrical Service & Repair
  • Specialty Electrical Services

For knowledgeable, fair, honest, reliable, and conscientious service call Cook Electric today at 410-266-9040. They will be very glad to help you.

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Hot Tub Health Benefits and Installation

Installing a hot tub in your home will bring you and your family hours of relaxation and a great way to spend more time together. You may not be aware that there are several health benefits that result from soaking in a hot tub. This article will briefly discuss these benefits and conclude with a brief overview of hot tub installation and electrical requirements.

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Choosing an Electrical Contractor for Your Custom Home

Choosing an electrical contractor will be one of the most important decisions you ever make when planning and building a custom home. The best and most experienced electricians will help the construction go as smoothly as possible. The following is a guide for finding the right licensed electrician for a residential project.

Construction Experience

One requirement for your electrical contractor has to be construction experience. Their skills acquired from working with builders over the years will go a long ways in keeping the building of your custom home trouble-free.

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Dock and Marina Electrical Shock Drowning Prevention

On April 16, 2016, 15-year-old Carmen Johnson died from electrical shock drowning (ESD) as she swam in Smith Lake, Alabama.  Weathered dock wiring conducted electric current into the water. Since the tragedy, Carmen’s parents, Carmen and Casey Johnson, have raised public awareness regarding ESD. Below are ESD prevention tips for those who use marinas or own a private dock.


Never allow swimming within 100 yards of a marina or dock that is using electrical power. Learn Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) because ESD victims can be saved with the procedure.

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