Written by Larry Cook

Office Wiring Basics for Your New Business – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, following basic guidelines for electrical wiring and structured cabling will help set up a new office. Part 2 will discuss Additional Considerations and Concerns. Work with a reputable and experienced licensed electrician for the safety of your employees and to get the best results.

Internet Coverage

If your office has a large floor area, choose a wired network over wireless. In an ideal environment, the speediest wireless network has a maximum range of 250 feet. In contrast, a wired network will have a maximum range up to 330 feet.


A best practice in structured cabling is labeling wall plates according to standards. No matter where wall plates are installed, employees will probably place bookcases, desks, and other equipment blocking them. By working with the staff member who oversees office space planning, you can avoid problems in the future.

Miscellaneous Concerns

Be sure to run a greater length of cable than what you believe is needed.

Remember that office equipment creates greater demands for power than what you’d need in the average home.

Office electrical equipment will require high-quality components in order to attain greater reliability.

An office will likely consume more electricity due to a greater need for cooling because electronic equipment and computers generate heat and raise the temperature.

Before opening an office, a licensed electrician should perform a safety inspection. This procedure will detect electrical hazards and help prevent injuries and fatalities caused by electrical fires and shock.

To ensure electrical equipment is installed properly and safely, always work with an experienced licensed electrician. Many workplace electrical accidents result from improper installations of equipment that compromise safety. Using a nonprofessional to perform electrical work makes it more likely that equipment will be damaged and there will be injuries to employees.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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