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Written by Larry Cook

Office Wiring Basics for Your New Business – Part 1

Getting your new office set up can be complex and stressful,especially if it’s the first time. The following are several basic guidelinesfor electrical wiring and structured cabling. Be sure to consult with areputable and experienced licensed electrician for your team’s safety and the best results.

Ethernet Advantages

A hardwired network provides faster internet than Wi-Fi. It will also be more reliable than a wireless network, giving your employees consistent download and upload speeds. In contrast, wireless devices are more vulnerable to interference. Hardwired networks are simpler to set up and also more secure.


An office will typically need more lighting than a home. Staff will require sufficient light to allow them the clarity of vision required to move around the premises and perform their jobs safely. The lighting should also be pleasant, promoting productivity. Although a100-watt incandescent light bulb can give an office adequate lighting, many people think it’s hard on their eyes.


Offices and individual work spaces will need sufficient power supply. In addition to conveniently placed wall outlets, power strips can be used to supplement the electrical needs of an office space. The number of items that will be installed requiring electricity, including computers, printers, and other devices, should be considered. Work with an electrician to create a wiring diagram prior to installing electrical outlets to ensure the layout will meet the electrical needs of your office.

Cable Organization

On top of being dangerous, disorganized cables and wires will make it more difficult for staff to do their jobs. They can also result in injury. An additional issue is being unable to pair a device with its socket after revisions or repairs are made. 

To optimize cable installation, organization, and safety, make use of surfaces that are inconspicuous.  This includes areas underneath tables and the backs of desks. Laying cable in such areas and keeping them out of sight helps make an office’s appearance aesthetically pleasing.

Part 2 will discuss Additional Considerations and Concerns.

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