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Written by Larry Cook

How to Keep Your Office Electrically Safe – Part 1

When you compare them to industrial environments, typical offices are thought to be low-risk areas as far as electrical dangers. Although this has some credence, electrical hazards still remain. That’s why safety measures must still be carried out by the staff, and regular electrical inspections must be performed by licensed electricians. 

Common Causes of Injuries

Below are the most common causes of injuries that are electrically related in an office setting:

  • Defective wiring
  • Electrical equipment that’s poorly installed or maintained
  • Electrical equipment thought to be dead, but actually live
  • Improper usage of replacement fuses
  • Outlets which are overheated, overloaded, or shorted
  • Using extension cords or power strips that can be easily damaged
  • Utilization of electrical equipment with wet hands or near water

As you’ve gathered from the above, defective equipment, improper installation, or abuse of equipment are the most common causes of electrically-related injuries.

Installation & Maintenance of Safe Equipment

In the U.S., Federal law requires an employer to provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace. One way to help ensure this is the proper installation and regular maintenance of electrical equipment, which is the responsibility of the employer. Employers must ensure that every item of electrical equipment within the premises is safe for use and will not be a hazard in any way. The following are some of their responsibilities:

  • Arrange regular inspections for equipment and ensure necessary repairs are performed by a trained, licensed electrician.
  • Electrical equipment inspected as required before being placed within workplace.
  • Electrical equipment properly installed and maintained by qualified technicians.
  • Electrical equipment used by employees safe to use for intended purposes.
  • Prevent live parts of electrical equipment from being accessed during use.
  • Train employees regularly on electrical safety and the proper use of electrical equipment.

Part 2 will discuss Employee Awareness and Safety Tips.

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