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Written by Larry Cook

Advantages of Motorized Window Covering Installation

Once considered luxury features, motorized window coverings are becoming increasingly common because their costs are decreasing, making them accessible for more and more consumers. There are great advantages to installing motorized shades, blinds, and draperies as discussed below. Give a licensed electrician a call for help installing automated window treatments whenever you’re ready.


Motorized window coverings can be powered via plug in, hardwired, or battery. Some systems are controlled with a wall switch. Radio frequency systems are controlled by a remote control the manufacturer provides or an app on a smart phone or tablet.


Pricing begins at several hundred dollars for remote-controlled battery-operated motorized systems, and this won’t include the shade, which will have its cost determined by size.


Families with kids, senior citizens, and the disabled will enjoy the convenience of using a remote control for raising and lowering window treatments, eliminating cords or wands, which respectively tangle or require manual dexterity.

Motorized systems are also safer with respect to very young children, who may accidentally wrap cords around their heads and necks.

Extra large windows will need big blinds or draperies, which will often weigh more than a single person is able to lift. Automation is the easy answer for this problem.

High windows are physically inaccessible without a ladder, and so a motorized shade will allow you to control the entry of natural light without having to climb one.

Outdoor settings will typically require large and heavy covers because of the typical dimensions of a patio, and it is a perfect candidate for automation.


Some remote controls have the capability of handling a maximum of 16 window coverings. Each shade can be particularly designated for individual control.

Many manufacturers offer systems with a programmable timer, which would be able to enhance your home’s security while no one is home for extended periods of time.

Positioned with a suction cup on the glass of a window, a sun sensor can be utilized to control a motorized covering, which can be automatically raised or lowered according to the strength of the sunlight.

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