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Written by Larry Cook

Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical System During Remodel – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, lots of homeowners overlook their electrical systems when they are planning a remodel or renovation. Part 2 will cover three more electrical upgrades for your home during a remodel or renovation.

Faulty Electrical Outlets

You may have several electrical outlets in your house that do not hold a plug firmly in place. This is because the clip for holding the plug eventually wears out. A plug will just loosen gradually and then fall out by itself. This can be dangerous because arcing and sparking may occur and cause a fire. Talk to a professional about replacing these defective and hazardous outlets at your earliest opportunity.

Electrical Panel Upgrade (Heavy-Up)

Outdated electrical panels often have limited space available for adding more circuits or they are equipped with obsolete fuses. Older panels are sometimes poorly designed and are of low manufacturing quality. Over time they become defective and cease working, requiring replacement.  

The new larger appliances and growing number of modern electronic devices means houses require more electricity than they did previously. Electricians typically find that an older home is not capable of meeting modern demands for power.

An upgrade of the electric service or a heavy-up will be what a licensed electrician will likely recommend to you for increasing a home’s electrical capacity while promoting safety. A faulty electrical panel may not be able to protect you from power surges or electrical overloads.

Obsolete & Unsafe Wiring

Most older homes will one day need an electrical wiring upgrade; a remodel or renovation is the perfect time to increase safety by replacing obsolete aluminum or knob-and-tube wiring.

A home remodel or renovation often requires opening up walls or ceilings, so use this brief window of time to perform electrical wiring upgrades. Upgrades that require access behind walls will be less expensive if they are done during this time. Electrical upgrades typically result in increased safety and better power efficiency for your home.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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