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Written by Larry Cook

Landscape Lighting Upgrades for Summer – Part 1

The summer months bring evenings of pleasant weather, and your family and friends will want to enjoy the outdoor areas of your house. In addition to beautifying your home’s exterior, landscape lighting helps keep everyone safe as they walk around your property. While you are driving through a neighborhood one evening, you will realize that the most noticeable homes are those with beautiful lighting designs around their landscaping.

Typically, landscape architects advise homeowners to invest about 10% of your home’s value on landscaping and lighting design. This is often worthwhile because a home’s resale value can significantly rise. Below are five benefits from an upgrade of your landscape lighting.

Expansion of Living Spaces

During the evening landscape lighting can expand your interior living spaces through the illumination of exteriors visible from glass doors and picture windows. Illumination accentuating landscaping and architecture results in the most attractive features of a home being highlighted. Exterior areas become more welcoming, and visitors tend to go outside more often.   

Safety Improvements

When lighting fixtures are properly positioned along stairs and walkways, safety is improved because they will help prevent falls and injuries. In addition to beautifying walkways, lighting will help visitors see their way safely at night while walking to your door from your driveway or the street in front of your house. Placing lights around the pool or next to a body of water along a home’s property will also improve safety.

Raise Home Value

Typically, real estate agents and appraisers estimate 15% of a house’s value can be attributed to its landscape and lighting design. As previously discussed, a homeowner should invest about 10%, which will help secure a profit when the house is sold. Real estate advertisements now feature photos of a home’s exteriors at night, highlighting the beauty and elegance of a property.

Part 2 will cover Stronger Security, Maximize Home’s Exteriors, and Final Words.

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