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Written by Larry Cook

Upgrade to a Circuit Breaker Panel

To keep up with modern demands for electrical use, circuit breaker panels are replacing fuse boxes. The circuit breaker will short out if it’s overloaded which will prevent a fire, as fuses do, but the circuit breaker is able to handle more electrical demands.

Old fuse boxes simply can’t do the job safely. They would require much larger fuses which become a fire hazard since a bigger fuse is too large for the wire and it wouldn’t blow when it needs to. Fuse boxes haven’t been installed in new homes in over 40 years because circuit breaker boxes are much safer and more efficient. So if you still have a fuse box, it is definitely time for it to be replaced with a circuit breaker panel.

When the electricity heats and then cools downs it weakens your electrical panel which provides less energy and poor electrical connections which could cause a fire.

Since the circuit breaker panel will take up less room than if you had to expand the fuse box to keep up with your current electrical needs, you can add circuits and split up existing circuits that might have been overloaded to make them more efficient.

When you have a circuit breaker panel, you don’t have fuses to replace. When the electrical current rises the circuit breaker trips itself off. Then you just have to turn on the electrical power for the circuit breaker box to reset itself.  This process is much easier and more convenient than having to buy and install new fuses. It’s a good idea to keep a flashlight with good batteries next to the circuit breaker box to make it easier to turn the electricity back on.

Another benefit of replacing your fuse box with circuit breaker panels is it will lower your home insurance rates. Also it is an investment in your family’s safety. That peace of mind is worth everything!

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